Peterborough during the First World War 1914 - 1918.

Peterborough, Ontario during the First World War 1914 - 1918.

Monday, 27 August 2012

15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders Demobilization

Here is a 13 minute video clip of the homecoming of the 15th Battalion in 1919. The 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) was a unique Scottish kilted battalion in the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The 15th Battalion was apart of the 1st Division, and served in the 3rd Brigade (nicknamed the Highland Bde). They served with distinction throughout the war from 1915 - 1918 and took part in almost every major Canadian operation in France in Belgium. As a battalion, their most famous action was at 2nd Ypres in 1915, where they were gassed and overrun by the enemy, yet fought vigilantly until the bitter end.

The 48th Highlanders had a special connection to Peterborough. In researching Peterborough's contribution to the war, I have been able to find that over 40 young men travelled by train for 2 hours to Toronto to enlist in the 48th Highlanders. For many recruits, there was an attraction to joining a Highland battalion; the skirl of bagpipes, the regimental links to Scotland, wearing a kilt as part as battle dress, and having the unique identity as a Highlander - and not just another Poor Bloody Infantryman would be enticing to any enlisting man.

Video from almost a 93 years ago shows these veterans before heading to 'civvie street.'

- 15, 38, 58, 73, 92, 134 Battalions Marching
- Train pulling into Union Station shows lots of chalk writing, indication where the men had served (France, Rhineland) or where they were from (Hamilton, Toronto) 
- Mayor of Toronto Meeting Tom Longboat, native soldier, long distance runner, and war hero.
- March down University Avenue and Queens Park.

Please check out the newly launched 15th Battalion website, run by former members of the Red Watch/Kilted Ladies. 

-  I must apologize for not updating very often. I have been working on several projects and trying to enjoy the most of summer. In the next few months I will release a geo-map of all locations of where all Peterborough Soldiers lived prior to enlisting in the Great War. - M.

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